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Global Online Fair

Gofair is designed for international trading companies,  who wish to rapidly enter the global market.
Gofair's key function is multilingual video marketing.

About Gofair

· Gofair, or Global Online Fair is operation in San Jose (Silicon Valley), CA, U.S.A.
· Gofair was founded in 2008, with employees over 730, annual turnover USD370million
· Gofair supports video in 104 language versions, covering 99% of the global area. Learn more
· Until Feb.2019, Gofair has 21,000 paid members, 7million videos.
· In 2018, Unique Visitors IP: 100million, PV: 600million  Global Traffic Distribution Chart 


Covering 99% Global Market

Get inquiry from all over the world.


Auto-translation into 104 languages

Efficient and Accurate.
Auto-synchronized to your official site. 


Over 21000 global users

in various International Trade Industries.


Generating 31200 multilingual videos on gofair per year

300 original English Videos × 104 languages=31200

Global Online Fair

Anytime, Anywhere

Why Multilingual Video Marketing?

Double your sales, by getting inquiries from areas you never expected for.

Gofair Online Booth

Each Gofair member has a unique Online Booth, which supports video search.

Content Really Matters

High-quality product video, is the key to successful
global marketing

Adding English Caption and Dubbing to your product video,
makes huge difference,
which in result, often triggers inquiry.
See examples:

Get to know Gofair

with following 12 video clips


the Future is Now


Video is best marketing way


Why Multilingual Marketing?


Gofair & SNS




Marketing is easy


gofair for industries


104 for 99% of the world


marketing is a great journey


Content Marketing Matters


a full package of strategy


video marketing it works


104 Lanaguages

About 50% of the global searches are in non-English languages. Gofair supports auto-translation into 104 languages, covering 99% of the global market.

Until Feb.2019, Gofair has 21000 paid members, 7million videos.  In 2018, Unique Visitors IP: 100million, PV: 600million.

Left is Gofair's Global Traffic Distribution Chart for the year 2018.

Gofair Functions


Auto-translation into 104 languages

gofair will auto-translate the title and content of your published videos, covering 99% of the global market.


Professional Video Marketing

Gofair supports product video uploading & replay, at anytime & anywhere. Provides professional online storage for product videos.


Share to Various SNS

You can share Multilingual Videos to various SNS platform, or transfer to your own YouTube Video Channel.


Auto Video Edit

Gofair can add customized English Caption and English Dubbing to your original video.   >>>video edited by gofair


Auto-Synchro™ to your own site

Auto-synchronize your 104 language version gofair videos, to your own official site.  Auto Renewable. 


Keyword Generator

Keyword accounts for 80% of the marketing result, each gofair paid member can get a Gofair Keyword Generator.


Plan A: USD2750/年

*gofair membership
*1 Website Building
*Auto Video Editing Software
*Keyword Generator
*Youtube Multilingual Management Software


Plan B: USD1250/年

*Auto Video Editing Software
*Keyword Generator

Gofair Accreditation Process

to assure Gofair member quality

Newly paid member will undergo a 7-day probation period after your payment date.
Within this period, you may be required to provide additional company information, and upload at least 2 product videos.
Members who fail to pass our probation period, will be instantly deprived of his paid membership, and get 100% refund within 24 hrs.

Global Success Stories

Over 21,000 paid members from over 100 countries

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Gofair Inc. (USA)

U.S. Customer Reception Office: 2880 Zanker Road, STE 203, San Jose, CA 95134, U.S.A. 
Phone: 001(408)461-5547


Pay to Gofair Inc.‘s bank account in California, U.S.A.


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